Easy Ways To Lose Weight

January 18, 2017
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Don’t we all dream to get a perfectly toned body? But how many of us are actually ready to achieve it? Undoubtedly, very few. We’d all like to know some easy ways to lose weight that will not take much of our energy. So here are some of the simple ways to lose those extra pounds.

1. Drink water before a meal

Drinking eight glasses of water per day is essential for good health. It will improve your circulation and keep you energized all day. Drinking water will also help you in losing weight. Have a glass about half an hour before every meal so that when you do eat, you will feel full and hence reduce the amount of food intake. 

2. Choose healthier swaps

Choose healthier alternatives to what you eat. For example, drink almond milk rather than skimmed milk since it contains lesser amount of calories. You can have grapes instead of raisins since it contains double the calorie amount as grapes. Fruits are good for you anyway so always go for fresh fruits whenever you need a snack. Stay away from fried chips, sweets and other unhealthy food.

3. Move your body

In today’s world, we have a lifestyle that does not really require us to work long hours under the sun. We travel to school or office by a vehicle, go in to our air conditioned cabins, sit the whole day and come back home. Where do you move your body in this routine? So take the stairs next time. Park your vehicle a bit far away from your office so that you may need to walk a bit. This does not mean you need to jog every morning and workout, although that would do well to you. A simple early morning stroll would do the trick. You may not ever need to go to a gym or even hire a personal trainer to stay fit.

4. Choose dark chocolate for dessert

Say goodbye to your favourite chocolates, muffins and cookies. Go for dark chocolate since it has less amount of sugar and calories than other desserts. So if you are a chocoholic, don’t worry. You can still eat chocolate but only dark! You then might not need to tire yourself at bootcamp to stay in shape.

5. Sleep well

Researches show that people who sleep for more than seven hours a day have a tendency to lose weight rather than someone who sleeps less. The most obvious reason is that when you increase the number of hours you are asleep, the number of hours you stay awake reduces and hence you may not tend to eat snacks. Studies show that when you are tired you have more cravings and hence a good night’s sleep is essential.